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How it Works

The Challenge for Citify's Clients

Cities publish reams of valuable information on their websites, but every city does it differently. For regulated industries, journalists, vendors and anyone with business or issues at City Hall, keeping up with all the new info being posted on city websites is a time-consuming and expensive challenge.

How Citify Does It for You

Citify’s intelligent software monitors city websites and tracks the keywords and issues that matter to you. Whether your company’s name appears in a PDF produced by a city workgroup, or the affordable housing issue you’re covering for the local newspaper is included in a formal agenda, Citify alerts you via email whenever your issues or business are included in documents that City Hall is sharing online.

The Value We Deliver

Less expensive than hiring or training specialized staff to do the job, and more reliable than human contractors monitoring the thousands of pages of info that cities post online, Citify brings City Hall to you via a reliable system ensuring you see the information you need as soon as it’s posted online.

Delivered to You:


Search the 300,000+ items Citify Data Sources. Analyze meeting notes, agendas, and attachments to find what you need.

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Access curated Citify City Reports for the latest take on the happenings of the city. Find everything you need with just one click on the quick links section of each city. Watch live feeds from city hall and other government outlets.

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Create Citify Tracks to be notified when a keyword or phrase appears in the datastream.

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What is a Track?

A Track is a keyword or set of keywords that tracks a topic that a user is wanting to be notified of. For a example, a Track named "housing" might track the keywords house, housing, residential, and building.

Tracks are "triggered" when the Citify Ingestion Engine finds the specified keywords in information it picks up. Once a track has been triggered, a user can receive notifications by email based on settings specified during the creation of the track.

These results also appear on the "results" page, and can be sorted and filtered there.